Why Choose California Gold Hand Car Wash?

Why Choose California Gold Hand Car Wash?

Having your vehicle washed.  We at California Gold are prepared as a complete hand car wash to wash and maintain your vehicle when you consistently bring it in to us to let us wash, and advise you.


Why is it important to regularly have your car washed?

Regular car washing protects your investment by keeping it clean and your paint refreshed. Many elements, road grime, acid rain, bird droppings, sap and sun rays are all threats. Resale value is enhanced when your paint is maintained.

Having your vehicle waxed.

Waxing is a companion to washing.  While the washing of the vehicle does remove the daily damage done to your paint, waxing prevents fading, discoloring, and oxidation which are common effects of sun damage.  Not only will wax make it shine it polishes the clear coat of your car and brings out the car’s color and shine. It also repels water spots which are also damaging to your pant.

You can be one of the many people who allow California Gold Hand Carwash to Expertly and competently protect your paint but also is able to clean the interior as well.


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